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Bee Box Project

By March 6, 2024No Comments

Lucile Morehouse, age 13, is an active 4-H member in Choctaw County, Oklahoma. She created a service project that focuses on saving pollinators. Last year Lucile was awarded the Youth Enhancement Grant from the Oklahoma 4-H Foundation. This one-time grant allowed Lucile to distribute 600 seed packets that went to 16 different states. This year, thanks to generous donations from across the nation, Lucile met her goal and will be able to distribute the seed packets again! Lucile will be assembling and distributing 600 seed packets for free. She will also offer free seed packets to ship anywhere in the United States after you pay a $1 shipping fee through PayPal. When you get the seeds, you will plant them to produce flowers for pollinators. Lucile is offering two types of seed mix for pollinators. Once the flowers bloom, they will feed the pollinators a more diverse diet. By producing more flowers, this could help fight against starvation, disease, and loss of resources to our pollinators. If you would like to receive seed packets, please go to the online form located at: If you would like to donate for next year’s project or have questions about this project, please email:

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