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July 12, 2024 in Bee Culture

University of Montana Summer Intermediate Beekeeping Camp

University of Montana Summer Intermediate Beekeeping Camp, UM and Fort Missoula, July 27-28th. We are finishing development and delivery of our new, OnLine Introduction to Commercial Beekeeping Courses. In Celebration, we are re-starting our Summer Field Camp, face-to-face beekeeping instruction. The first of these will be the weekend of July 27-28. This is an Intermediate Beekeeping camp, focused on…
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July 11, 2024 in Bee Culture

Into the Wild with Dr. Juliana Posada

S2E4: Insect Pollination: It’s Not Just Bees! In the last decade there has been a HUGE (& successful) push for people to appreciate bees & the work they do to pollinate not just flowers in the wild, but food crops to feed ourselves & it’s not surprise why the bee was chosen. They are fluffy. They are cute. They are…,…
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