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October 18, 2021 in University of Guelph Youtube Channel

Catching a Swarm Part 1

Paul Kelly, research and apiary manager, demonstrates how to catch swarms. Frequently asked questions: https://hbrc.ca/faq/ A descriptive transcript is available here: https://hbrc.ca/catching-a-swarm-part-1/ For more videos, check out the University of Guelph's HBRC YouTube channel at this link: @University of Guelph Honey Bee Research Centre
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October 18, 2021 in American Bee Journal

Hey Bee, Stick Out Your Tongue and Say “Ahh”

Maybe this was all a big mistake. Each time I research bee tongues, I find a cursory review, perhaps two or three paragraphs making the structures sound plain and spartan. So I set out to learn more, an unfortunate choice. I should have known there was a reason everyone avoids the subject. If you look in a mirror and examine…
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