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August 1, 2021 in Bee Culture

A Tanging Tempest in the Beeyard

By: James E. Tew Should I apologize? Should I immediately apologize for spending your reading time on an antiquated subject like “tanging” while other writers – in this very publication – are properly writing informative and current pieces for your beekeeping edification? In my defense, my involvement in this legacy swarm management topic started innocently enough and, ironically, some of…
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August 1, 2021 in Bee Culture

Cell Punch Queen Rearing

By: Roland Gerner With this method, even beekeepers who have difficulties with grafting due to failing eyesight or other reasons can breed queens. It is based on the “Cell punch method” described by the late English beekeeper David Cushman. Material – one 2 ml disposable syringe per cell (a box of 100 costs less than five euros on the Internet.…
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