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May 4, 2021 in Bee Culture

CATCH THE BUZZ- Rich Countries Strain Developing Ones

Richer Countries Strain Developing Ones by Importing Crops That Need Pollinators A pollinator on an açaí palm flower. Photo: Cristiano Menezes. Luísa Carvalheiro says she remembers a time when açaí was just a humble berry, a staple for the Amazon’s Indigenous communities. That was before the inky purple berries became all the rage in Europe and the US, a so-called…
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May 3, 2021 in Bee Culture

CATCH THEE BUZZ- Camelina….Biofuels and Bees

Camelina Holds Promise for Biofuel and Bees Once considered a weed, camelina is finding favor in some parts of the country as a soil-protecting winter cover crop. Oil from the seed of this yellow-flowered, herbaceous member of the mustard family can also be made into first-rate cooking oil and high-quality biodiesel, offering a renewable alternative to using imported petroleum for…
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