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Below is a list of people willing to mentor people.

Things to consider by both parties:

  • Mentoring would mostly be at the mentors location and they might be willing to travel to your location if close enough on occasion.  Mentors know their hives best so they would have better opportunity to show you things that pop up to better educate you for certain circumstances.  This is something to discuss with the mentor.
  • Biosecurity is very important when visiting someone elses beeyard.  It’s best practice to not bring your tools or equipment to someone elses beeyard as it can promote spreading disease.  It’s always better to have a spare set in your yard for each person and leave the tools there.  Torching hive tools is always recommended to sterilize tools before using.  Washing clothing before visiting another yard is best practice.  Some mentors might prefer you don’t bring protective clothing and they might supply some spare clothing.  Bare handed is best and hands washed before entering the beeyard is better than cloth gloves.  Nitrile gloves are also a good option.  This is something your mentor will have to discuss with you.
  • Mentors have lives and jobs too, so be considerate of when they can make themselves available.
Paul Hamilton
Basil Etmanskie
Barry's Bay
Chantelle Leslie