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The Buzz on Beekeeping

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The buzz on beekeeping


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Photo by Douglas Raggio on Unsplash

That buzzing, small, familiar insect of the California Central Coast is the biggest producer of the sweetest treat. It is the Honey Bee!

This familiar insect with a flower partnership is a hard worker helping us make our daily meals and desserts even better according to Patrick Frazier and Jeremy Rose.

“It’s funny because most people don’t realize how versatile and useful honey is when out and about in the great outdoors, he said laughing. ”

“Frazier and fellow bee lover Jeremy Rose currently lead a unique program at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo that can turn beekeeping and honey from something you do for a fun class into a lifelong hobby or career.”

In the class students are taught how honey bees act, what they do and how the beekeeper can help. Along with how to manage a colony of honey bees so they stay healthy, active and honey producers they are shown how to bottle honey and sell it in the area. For students who are totally new to a connection to honey bees building fundamentals of appreciation for honey bees is the goal. If it turns into a life long passion that is even better.

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