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Bee Culture

Beekeeping as a Business Course

By February 8, 2024No Comments

UF/IFAS Bee-Learning Short Courses

Beekeeping as a Business: Getting Started

Course Lessons:

  1. Assistance and Training
  2. Goal Setting
  3. Introduction to Business Planning
  4. Writing a Business Plan
  5. Registering Name and Taxes
  6. Licenses and Permits

Course Description:

In this bee-Learning Short Course, you will learn about the very first steps you need to take before starting any business, while exploring examples from the beekeeping industry. Starting a successful beekeeping business requires finding trusted advisors, establishing long- and short-term goals, developing a business plan, and setting up the correct legal structure and licenses to fit the business’ needs. This course is part of our Extension Online Learning Catalog.

Note: Lessons in this course overlap with lessons in the Master Beekeeper online course, part of the UF/IFAS Master Beekeeper Program.

Registration Fee ONLY – $30

To register, go to UF/IFAS Website:

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