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January 14, 2022 in Bee Culture

27th Annual Alabama Beekeepers Symposium

27th Annual Alabama Beekeepers’ Symposium Online Symposium for beekeepers in Alabama, the southeastern USA, and has applicability to beekeepers in the greater US and Internationally. Topics will cover the 3 biggest concerns standing in the way of beekeeper success; Queens, Nutrition, and Mites. Speakers will feature notable scientists Dr. Samuel Ramsey; Dr. Priya Basu; and Dr. Philip Neumann. Our other…
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January 13, 2022 in Bee Culture

Honey Bee Kill in Australia…Almond Pollination

  Chemical concerns after mass bee kill in Australian Almond Pollination   By Cara Waters Geelong beekeeper John Edmonds used to take his bee hives up to the Sunraysia region on the Murray River every winter to help pollinate the almond farms. It’s a well-travelled route for beekeepers, with over 277,000 hives placed on almond orchards across Australia during blossom season…
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