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May 5, 2021 in Bee Culture

CATCH THE BUZZ- 10 Ways UGA is Helping Honey bees

University of Georgia: 10 Ways UGA Is Helping Honeybees Sara Freeland University of Georgia faculty and students are working to better understand pollinators and the threats they face. Pollinating bees are vital to healthy crops and a thriving ecosystem, but are under threat of extinction from disease, pollution and other factors. Here are 10 ways UGA is working to help pollinators.…
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May 4, 2021 in Bee Culture

CATCH THE BUZZ- Rich Countries Strain Developing Ones

Richer Countries Strain Developing Ones by Importing Crops That Need Pollinators A pollinator on an açaí palm flower. Photo: Cristiano Menezes. Luísa Carvalheiro says she remembers a time when açaí was just a humble berry, a staple for the Amazon’s Indigenous communities. That was before the inky purple berries became all the rage in Europe and the US, a so-called…
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