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December 1, 2020 in Bee Culture

CATCH THE BUZZ- Murder Hornet Nest in Washington State

500 Murder Hornets Found In Nest WASHINGTON STATE — Scientists from Washington State said there were more than 500 Giant Asian aka Murder Hornets found in a next located back on October 22 in Blaine, Washington. Murder Hornets are the largest hornets in the world. They can be up to 2″ long with a wingspan up to 3″. These hornets kill…
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November 30, 2020 in Bee Culture

Jennifer Berry – Thespian To Apiculturist

By: Dewey Caron Do y’all know Jennifer Berry, Research Professional and Lab Manger for the UGA Honey Bee Program? She has been a frequent contributor (80+times and counting) to Bee Culture or maybe she’s spoken at your bee program. Since her start in the bee arena 20 years ago, she has travelled to meetings in over 25 states, and eight…
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