Below you can find important dates of when the latest date to apply specific treatments and be on time to place honey supers on your hive and not have issues of chemical residue in your honey.

Chart is based on applying honey supers on May 16.  (Approximate date for Eastern Ontario)

(Date may vary based on location and how early or late spring comes)

 Product  Treatment Period  Withdrawl Time  Latest Date To Apply
 Apivar  42 days  14 days  March 21
 Apistan  42 days  0 days  April 4
 Bayvarol  42 days  0 days  April 4
 Check Mite +  42-45 days  14 days  April 1-4
 Formic Pro  14 to 20 days   0 days  May 16 (because supers can be on)
 Hop Guard II  30 days  0 days  May 16 (because supers can be on)
 Oxalic Acid (Drip)  Can only be used in the fall    November when consistant 5C day temperatures
 Oxalic Acid (Vapor)  3 times every 5 days  15 mins  Apply anytime above 3C(37F). Use a divider between brood/supers.
 Oxytet  3 times every 4 days  4 weeks  April 4
 Tylosin  Can only be used in the fall    After super removal in the fall



Remove honey supers approximately the long weekend of September or at the latest the 2nd weekend.  Use any of the treatments in the list above.


Final clean up with Oxalic Acid drip or vapor is best done when the day temperatures remain around 5C.