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Podcast Memorial to Kim Flottum

By June 25, 2024No Comments

During this seventh year anniversary week of the podcast, we bring you this special memorial episode honoring our former co-host, colleague, and dear friend, Kim Flottum, who passed away in December 10, 2023. This episode is dedicated to celebrating Kim’s remarkable life and his immense contributions to the beekeeping community.

Join hosts Jeff Ott, Becky Masterman, and Honey Bee Obscura’s, Jim Tew, as they reflect on Kim’s enduring legacy. This heartfelt tribute includes touching memories and stories shared by friends, colleagues, and family members during Kim’s memorial service held in April in Medina, Ohio. Hear from Kim’s friends those he touched, like Brenda Bray, Tracy Alarcon, and Eugene Makovec, who recount their cherished moments with Kim and the profound impact he had on their lives and careers.

Kim Flottum was a cornerstone of our podcast and the Honey Bee Obscura Podcast. His passion, knowledge, and warmth made a lasting impression on all who knew him. From his early days at The A.I. Root Company to his influential role in beekeeping media, Kim’s curiosity and dedication to learning were truly inspiring.

Listen today and hear these moving tributes and to celebrate the life of a true beekeeping legend. You can leave your own remembrances in the comments section of this episode:

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