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2024 Digital Calendar

By October 18, 2023No Comments

The deadline has been extended! We wanted to share a bit more information with you about this new digital calendar experience. For starters, unfortunately due to continuing rising costs of paper and postage, it’s not feasible for us to continue the free calendar with the January issue. We tried our absolute best to keep that going but it just wasn’t working out in a way where we could give you a fantastic calendar. So, we are taking this opportunity to create something more in-depth (with more pictures), using monthly calendars, weekly spreads, and maybe even a few more extras.

I’m sure many of you are wondering what we mean by “digital calendar”. Here’s the plan: we will be offering two PDF versions on our bookstore website. One of them will be made to print out. You can get the PDF (priced at $12) and print it out yourself, print out different pieces and parts, however you see fit for your personal use! These calendars will be for personal use only and not to be shared with anyone else. If you are interested in sharing it or want to recommend it to your association or a class, contact us!

The second PDF (priced at $15) will be an interactive experience. Many people have started to use a more digital form of calendars to keep track of their many events (think an iPhone’s calendar, Google Calendar, etc.). This takes that and elevates it a bit. We will be optimizing this for notetaking apps (like Goodnotes for iOS). You’ll be able to quickly click through to the place you want and edit as needed. It’ll be a customizable experience.

For the pictures, there’s no specific theme (except for bees!), but we’ll be picking multiple images for each month so span the seasons! We’d love to see some holiday hives, some sunny summer hives, some spooky hives, etc. so have fun!

Submit your photos here:
Submit your photos by November 29th, 2023!

We’re trying something a bit new for this submission process. Please be patient with us if we run into some bumps!

Some important notes:

  • You will need a google account to submit images. This is something we have no control over and cannot change.
  • We are collecting emails so that if there are issues with your images, we can get into contact with you.
  • Please make sure that you are sending your images in their original file format! We want to be able to use large images for the calendar.

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