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By April 27, 2022No Comments

Hi friends, and Happy April!

“April, and anything’s possible.”

Charles Wright

After 18 months, countless weekends, and umpteen discussions, we find it difficult to describe what it means to go live with our new app, The Beekeeper’s Companion. 📱

We’ve clocked thousands of hours on Zoom with our team and beekeepers across seven time zones 🌎, created and iterated numerous designs based on feedback and prototype testing, built hundreds of test versions, and are still just getting started!

Launching The Beekeeper’s Companion App is the beginning of a new chapter that we want to embark on with each and every one of you. We are excited, proud, and thankful for everybody who helped realize this incredible project! Our vision remains as steadfast and clear as it was with the original launch in 2010, and our commitment to the health of honey bees and the success of beekeepers is stronger than ever.

Help us improve with every inquiry you send and every question you raise – we can’t wait to hear what you think! 🐝

Max and James

CEO and Founder of HiveTracks


The Beekeeper’s Companion App

🎉 The latest generation of HiveTracks products is here: The Beekeeper’s Companion App, helping you do what’s best for your bees with confidence and peace of mind. Start the new season right:

📱Download the App from the App Store and Google Play Store today!

Beekeeping Today Podcast

HiveTracks Updates & AID-CSB Work

We joined the “Beekeeping Today Podcast” to talk about our new Beekeeper’s Companion App and the exciting international program we are working on with women beekeepers in Uzbekistan, Ethiopia, and Lebanon.


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