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Contents – March 2022

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Lawsuits and Bee Suits: A Sad History of Bees and Pesticides in U.S. Agriculture
May R. Berenbaum267

2022 Extended-release Oxalic Update — Part 1
Randy Oliver – 273

Migratory Beekeeping Part One: Early Migratory Beekeepers
Peter L Borst287

Colony Confidential … What Really Goes on Inside the Hive – Chapters 1 & 2
Peter Keilty, with illustrations by Bridget White302

American Beekeeping Federation 2022: Annual Conference Brings Beekeepers Together
Kent Pegorsch – 306

Beekeeping as Therapy for Veterans: A WWI Means to Wellness Revived
M.E.A. McNeil311

American Bee Research Conference 2022
Malcom T. Sanford – 319

Bee Vandalism in Burlington, Vermont
Bill Mares329

Navigating the Web: Apicultural Science and Education in the Information Age
Malcom T. Sanford – 335

The Braggot — A New Old Brew Is it Beer or is it Mead?
Shelley Stuart337

Shout it From the Rooftops: Dwarf Bee Rescue in the Garden City
Peter Keilty341

Is the Study of Pure Genetics in Honey Bees of Practical Value?
From the Archives345


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