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New Website Feature

By March 2, 2022No Comments
New Website Feature
With new faces here at Bee Culture, we also have new talents. Our graphic designer Emma Wadel has some talents within website design. She will be adding 2015-2019 digital back issues onto the website. While our more recent editions can only be viewed by digital subscribers (a great reason to subscribe to the bundle mentioned before), these back issues will be available for anyone. They will have their own place within the website. This section will feature all issues from 2015-three years prior to the current year. So for 2022, it will feature 2015-2019. This way new subscribers can see how long we’ve been doing this and can access old issues that may be referenced by our wonderful writers.
Please be patient with these new pages being uploaded. All of the past editions will be interactive as well; however, it will only be the blue links that work and the page numbers. The ads won’t be interactive in these back issues. All of that requires some manpower behind it since they weren’t previously interactive! We promise they’re coming, it’s just going to take some time. We want to make sure all of the new issues are the best they can be so that is always our first focus here!
See the start of this new feature here:
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