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AI-Powered Beehive

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Buckfast honey bees fly near a beehive in Illinois, U.S. Photographer: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg



Here Is A Fully Autonomous AI-Powered Beehive That Could Save Bee Colonies

Jennifer Kite-Powell

Senior Contributor

Beewise, a agtech startup, has created the first fully autonomous beehive called Beehome that comes complete with a beekeeping robot that acts as both medic and guardian to complement the natural intelligence of bees.

Beehome utilizes artificial intelligence, (AI) machine learning and precision robotics to rescue and protect the hives bees. The modular commercial AI-powered robotic apiary also has 24/7 monitoring and smart technology that increases pollination capacity and honey production.

Saar Safra, CEO of Beewise says that Beehome is poised to protect the global food supply chain, stem the impacts of climate change and increase sustainability. “If the bees are protected, entire ecosystems are too.”

“When we have a 35% global annual decline of bee colonies that support 75% of crops, the immediate and serious threat to the global food supply is clear. Preventing bee colonies from collapsing allows for more pollination and honey production,” adds Safra.

This autonomous AI-powered beehive from Beewise has 24/7 monitoring

Redesigning the beehive

“By completely redesigning the classic 150-year old beehive from the ground up, Beehome can address many inefficiencies that until now have been inherently impossible to resolve, said Safra.

The system is entirely solar-powered and manages 24 hives and automates their operation such as pollination, honey-production and reproduction. The Beehome system includes an automated robotic brood box management system, a computer vision-based monitoring system, AI-based decision making and predictive analytics and automated honey harvesting system and an automated system for pest control, feeding and thermoregulation.


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