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Winter Hive Wrap Orders – Posted

By July 26, 2021No Comments
The Wellington County Beekeepers’ Association is generously coordinating the winter wrap program, with proceeds supporting the OBA Tech-Transfer Research Program. In 2007, Jim Coneybeare and Diane Krout of the Wellington County Beekeepers organized the manufacture of these wraps and have made them available to Ontario Beekeepers each year since then.   
Order for 2021 are now being taken. The deadline for ordering is September 15th, 2021.
A reminder that CAP funding can be used to purchase winter wraps under Bee Health Management.
“Purchase of new beekeeping equipment and modifications to hive management systems, including: Winter wraps to a limit of $2,000 in cost-share funding”
*** Apply for funding BEFORE you purchase the wraps!
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