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CATCH THE BUZZ – Profitable Business Ideas #8

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10 Most Profitable Agricultural Business Ideas in 2021

By: Trish Novicio in ListsNews


#8. Apiculture

Market value: $8.3 billion

Apiculture is one of the most profitable agriculture business ideas in 2021. Due to a rise in demand for honey and its by-products and a scarcity of natural honey, commercial beekeeping farms have sprung up all over the world. The global beekeeping market is being driven by the growing demand for honey from various industries. Due to the negative health effects of sugar-based sweeteners, honey is used as a healthier alternative for flavoring and sweetening agents in the food and beverage industry, providing equivalent demand growth for the global apiculture market.

Florida-based BEESFREE Inc (OTC: BEES) is a tech company that offers food and nutritional supplement for developing honey bees. The stock has gained 205% over the last twelve months.

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