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Ontario Beekeepers' Association News

OBA Online Silent Auction

Every year at the Annual General Meeting, a silent auction is held to raise money for the OBA Tech-Transfer Program. Generous donations are provided by members, suppliers, advertisers, community partners and more!This year the Auction is online and accessible through the OBA Facebook page.'t have a Facebook account? Perhaps your kids do! Use theirs ;)You can still view all the…
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November 26, 2020
Ontario Beekeepers' Association News

Bee Biosecurity Workshop – ONLINE

Hosted by Growing Forward 2, beekeepers are invited to attend this free Bee Biosecurity Workshop to learn more about on-farm biosecurity best management practices and key areas of your farm to evaluate when developing a biosecurity plan as well as potential cost-share opportunities. Taking a workshop is a first step in creating a Biosecurity Plan for your operation and identifying…
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November 9, 2020
Scientific Beekeeping

Refining the Mite Wash: Part 3 – Dislodgement, Precipitation and Separation

Refining the Mite Wash: Part 3 Dislodgement, Precipitation, and Separation Randy Oliver First Published in ABJ in September 2020 In my last article I showed how mites will quickly drop off the bees’ bodies if immersed in 91% alcohol.  But there are still more steps remaining to separate the mites from the sample of The post Refining the Mite…
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November 6, 2020