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Bee Culture

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Industry Agencies and Organizations List

American Bee Federation

Bee Informed Partnership

Agriculture Network Information Collaborative (AgNic) (USDA/National Agriculture Library)

Project Apis m.

COLOSS Honey Bee Research Association

Honey Bee Health Coalition


Industry Agencies and Organizations  // Generalized Best Management Practices (BMPs)

American Association of Professional Apiculturists

Managed Pollinator (Coordinated Agricultural Project, CAP)

Massachusetts Beekeepers Association

Maine Beekeepers Association

Project Apis m.

Honey Bee Health Coalition


Bee Yards (Apiaries)


Beginning Beekeeping

Beginning Beekeeping (American Beekeeping Federation)

9 Questions to Ask Before You Start Beekeeping (Homestead Survival Site)



Basic Honey Bee Biology

Honey Bee Swarms


Diseases, Pests, Insecticides

Varroa: Varroa mite biology 

Wax moth

Small hive beetle


Colony Collapse Disorder

American foulbrood/European foulbrood


Neonicotonoids – Map

Neonicotonoid Pesticides and Honey Bees


Hive Equipment

Typical hive equipment

Beehive construction – British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture

African traditional and modern hives – Beekeeping in Africa

Observation Hives

Building and operating an observation hive – University of Wisconsin-Extension

Setting up an observation hive – North Carolina State University

Top Bar Hives

 Small Scale Beekeeping

Bee Lining Box and Lining Procedure


Flowers, Pollination

Insect Pollination Of Cultivated Crop Plants


Feeding Management

Fat Bees, Skinny Bees  – a manual on honey bee nutrition for beekeepers 


HoneyProduction and Processing

American Honey Producers Association

Canadian Honey Council


Non-Apis Bees

USDA ARS Native Bee Laboratory, Logan, UT


People and Places

Apiary Inspectors of America



Cloake board method of queen rearing


Seasonal Management

Best Management Practices (BMP) for Ontario Beekeepers’ in Advance of Winter

University of Illinois- Urbana- Champaign

Complete Beehives




Bee Stings –  Medical Uses and Reactions


Wax, Propolis and any other hive products


eBooks and online resources 

Dyce Lab Pollinator & Beekeeping Resources (Cornell)

Project Gutenberg

Open Library eBooks


 University Extensions Bee Labs

Auburn University

Clemson University

Colorado State University

Cornell University

Iowa State University

Louisiana State University

Michigan State University

Mississippi State University

Ohio State University

Oregon State University

Pennsylvania State University

Perdue University

University of Delaware Agriculture & Natural Resources

University of Florida

University of Maryland

University of Minnesota

University of Montana

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Virginia Tech

Washington State University


USDA Bee Labs

Beltsville, MD

Baton Rouge, LA

Logan, UT

Tucson, AZ



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