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Bee Culture

Bee Vectoring

By March 4, 2022No Comments

Bee vectoring is a novel technology that can be used to fight pests and diseases inside the hive. 


Bees carry protective powders into a hive, with possibilities to protect against Varroa mites, AFB, small hive beetles and other diseases. The ProtectaBEETM is a simple device, designed specifically for bee vectoring, that attaches to the front of a hive.


Join Best for Bees founder Dr. Erica Shelley and bee vectoring pioneer Dr. Peter Kevan, Professor Emeritus from the University of Guelph, to discuss the future of bee vectoring and how it will be used to improve honeybee health.


Two options for your convenience:



Tuesday, March 8th

7pm EST

Register here:




Contact for an hour presentation/discussion with your beekeeping group (limited availability).



To learn more about bee vectoring with the ProtectaBEE take a peek at our Indiegogo campaign

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