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Angelina Jolie Helping Honey Bees

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By Celebretainment

Angelina Jolie is determined to help protect the world’s honey bee population.

The Oscar-winning actress has joined forces with the French perfume brand Guerlain to try her hand at beekeeping and to learn more about the importance of protecting the bee population, which performs a crucial role in pollinating most of the world’s food.

Speaking in a video for Vogue, Angelina explained: “We spoke often about the bees and the commitment that Guerlain already had to the bees. And then we really started to talk about what, what could we do to improve the situation?”

The actress thought she understood the importance of bees and beekeeping, but she admitted that working with Guerlain has been a big learning experience for her.

She said: “I thought I knew something about bees and beekeeping and training, and I thought I understood the importance. But really, when you really dig into it and you really start to learn about what, for example, we would lose – 30 percent of the honey bees disappearing…”

Angelina, 46, is well-known for supporting various good causes all around the world, including education programmes and women’s rights campaigns.

However, many of the issues she’s explored over the years have been closely tied to the environment.

Speaking about her determination to help protect the world’s bee population, the Hollywood star said: “What happens when we lose them? What happens when we lose them all?

“I wasn’t a young environmentalist, right? I’m more a humanist. I’ve been very active in displacement in the politics of, you know fighting against persecution. But it always leads back to the environment.

“Even displaced people are often displaced because of the damage to the environment.”

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