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CATCH THE BUZZ- USDA-APHIS Tallow Tree Destruction Comments

By February 6, 2021No Comments

CALL TO ACTION: Beekeepers Need You!

Chinese Tallow has taken a hit from USDA-APHIS. A movement to put an end to Chinese Tallow is underway. It is up to us to stop it. The loss of these trees would have a devastating impact on beekeepers in the southern states. The USDA-APHIS has opened an environmental assessment on releasing two non-native insects as biocontrol agents to eradicate the Chinese Tallow tree.

USDA-APHIS has opened a comment period on this issue. It is open until February 22nd. To comment go to;

On this page you’ll find a “Comment Now!” blue button in the top right corner of the webpage. Please comment!

Send your comments to stress the importance of honeybees, pollinators and the beekeeping business.

Joan Gunter


American Beekeeping Federation


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