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CATCH THE BUZZ – Haagen-Daz Honey Bee Haven

By February 5, 2021No Comments

‘Crowdfund UC Davis’ Underway to Lend a Helping Hand for Our Projects

Kathy Keatley Garvey

Crowdfund UC Davis began for the Häagen-Dazs Honey Bee Haven  and will continue through the month of February.

The project is described as “where alumni, students, parents and friends can make donations to support innovative projects that propel student engagement, new research discoveries, and efforts to expand UC Davis impact on California and the world.”

Häagen-Dazs Honey Bee Haven

Extension apiculturist Elina Lastro Niño, serves as the director of the Haven. Chris Casey manages the half-acre garden, located on Bee Biology Road next to the Harry H. Laidlaw Jr. Honey Bee Research Facility. It is part of the UC Davis Department of Entomology and Nematology.

Like to eat? Thank a bee! These hard-working animals pollinate nearly 90 percent of all flowering plants, including the fruits, nuts, and vegetables that make our diets tasty and nutritious. Bees also pollinate the plants that create food and habitat for birds and most other wildlife. It’s clear: healthy, abundant bee populations are vital.

But bees are in trouble and they need our help. California has about 1600 native bee species; along with the non-native honey bee all are pollinators. Bees need flowers, and the Haven is a source of information and inspiration about what and how to plant. From a single flowerpot to acres, we can all do something to help.

Our goal is $5000 to purchase plants, irrigation supplies, and tools for the Haven to continue our vital mission of inspiration and education about bees and the plants that support them.

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