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Possible Hive Beetle Sightings…

Please note that it hasn’t been confirmed yet, but I thought it was important to make people aware of the situation.


It was reported on Facebook today that someone in the area of Carp who recently bought a nuc from a Quebec supplier who bought bees from a southern Ontario supplier has recently found what looks like as small hive beetle and small hive beetle larva on their bottom board.  An area inspector was called and the inspector visited the beekeeper today to take samples for testing.  It will be several days before they are confirmed to be SHB.


This is the first sign of possible SHB coming very close to the area and as precaution, we should all be a little more aware when doing inspections.  We’ve never had reason to look for SHB before, but it seems this year will be the start of something else we will have to be aware of and watch for.


If you find anything in your hive that you think might be SHB, if possible, have another experienced beekeeper take a look for a second opinion if one is available, and contact an inspector immediately so they can come and take samples.  It’s important to be able to know where new sighting are and see how the beetles spread.


I am sure once more information becomes available and SHB is confirmed, we will likely here more from the OBA.  Or at least I hope they provide their thoughts.


I don’t think we need beetle traps and other products yet, but will first have to see if it continues to spread our way.  In the future we might have to consider SHB tools for dealing with them.


Again it hasn’t been confirmed so lets wait for a definitive answer, but from the pictures and knowing it was from the same supplier that spread SHB all over Quebec, I have a pretty good feeling it will shows it is SHB.

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